Bredy Veterinary Centre Ltd

Routine DEFRA tests: TB, Anthrax & Abortions

The whole of our practice area is now subject to annual TB testing.  We also carry out pre-movement tests, often at very short notice – though it is helpful to have some warning.  The South West TB Farm Advisory Service  is a service available for farmers – please go direct to their website for further information:

Farmers should report sudden deaths in cattle and pigs to us because DEFRA may want to carry out an Anthrax test. 

Farmers should also report abortions in cattle to us.  DEFRA has a duty to carry out Brucellosis surveillance, and this means the ministry are especially interested in abortions in dairy heifers and beef cattle.  To quote from their website: -

“Reporting abortions and early calvings”

The law requires cattle keepers to report every abortion or premature calving to an appropriate officer (a Veterinary Inspector) (that’ll be us) as required by Article 10 of the Brucellosis (England) Order 2000, Brucellosis (Scotland) Order 2000 and its equivalent in Wales.  An abortion or premature calving is defined as “an abortion or calving which takes place less than 271 days after service, or 265 days after implantation or transfer of an embryo, whether the calf is born dead or alive”.