Bredy Veterinary Centre Ltd

Facilities & equipment

The practice doubled in size during 2012, adding to an excellent, existing purpose-built practice.

  • Large car park for clients on North side of practice next to Co-op
    (separate staff car park on South side)

  • Large waiting room & reception with separate areas for dogs & cats


  • Air conditioning throughout

  • Heating individually controlled in each room

  • Fresh air into the building & stale air extraction

  • Separate dog & cat wards, as well as space for rabbits, rodents and other exotic species

Cat wardThis is the new cat ward, ample space for each cat. Each cat on a drip has an infusion pump which allows us to accurately control the quantity of fluid per hour.

  • Isolation ward for animals with suspected infectious diseases, including 2 walk-in dog kennels (also suitable for farm animals)

  • 2 operating theatres (main theatre pictured below)

  • 4 consulting rooms

  • New large dog scales in the waiting room

  • Cat & rodent scales, for accurate weight measurement of smaller patients

  • Large prep room to take blood samples, prepare patients for theatre etc.

  • A ‘lift & lower’ table with a non-slip cushioned mat in the prep room so that large dogs can step onto the table & gently be lifted up for examination or procedures like blood sampling, rather than being lifted

  • Separate dental theatre

  • Diagnostic suite for Xrays (digital), ultrasound & rigid endoscopy.


  • New digital Xray machine (2014)

  • New Ultrasound scanner (Jan 2017) for scanning hearts, chest, abdomens and for pregnancy diagnosis

  • Rigid video endoscope  – camera to look up noses (rhinoscopy), bladders (cytoscopy), ears (otoscopy), airways (bronchoscopy) (picture below)

  • Dental ultrasonic descaler & drill

  • Modern anaesthetic equipment including piped oxygen in theatres, prep, Xray & all wards

  • New anaesthetic gas scavenging system to remove waste anaesthetic gases safely (2012)

  • Pulse oximeters to measure oxygen saturation & pulse rate during anaesthetics

  • Oxygen tent for animals with breathing problems

  • Ophthalmoscopes & auroscopes to examine eyes & ears

  • Laryngoscopes to examine back of mouths/throats & and aid to induction of general anaesthesia

  • Oesophageal stethoscopes for monitoring the heart during anaesthetics

  • ECG (electro-cardiogram) machine as well as an i-phone ECG which makes it much easier to record an ECG trace from an animal without the need for attaching clips to 4 areas of the dogs body (new Oct 2013)

  • Autoclave (new 2018) for sterilising surgical instruments in a separate sterilisation room

  • Infusion pumps for accurate measurement of intravenous drip fluids & safety for the patient

  • Blood pressure monitoring doppler machine (new machine 2016)

  • Stretcher for recumbent patients

3Jun16 draining fruid from chest

 Above:- Matt draining fluid from a dog’s chest, Becky holding the dog.


  • Microscope (including oil immersion high power lens) for looking at urine, blood, faecal samples, ear smears etc.

  • Blood analyser (Vetscan) which measures biochemistry parameters such as electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride, phosphate), kidney values, liver values, blood protein levels.

  • Feline leukaemia (FeLV) & feline immunodeficiency (FIV) test kits

  • Equipment for blood transfusions

  • PCV (packed cell volume) analysis to check if an animal is anaemic

  • Blood glucometers to measure blood sugar levels

  • Refractometers to measure specific gravity of urine & total blood protein level

  • Worm egg count equipment

  • Diff-quick stains to perform cytology

  • Urine sedimentation analysis (to look for crystals & other parameters)

  • Expert external laboratories in the UK & abroad, for a wide variety of tests, with overnight courier service


  • Fully portable ‘Easi-scan’ farm animal ultrasound machine (with ‘bug’ goggles & battery pack so no need to plug-in). We also have a rectal probe to attach to the ultrasound machine for quick pregnancy diagnosis. We now have a 2nd farm animal ultrasound machine (Dec 2016).

  • Interherd computer software for health & fertility management

  • Bovine calf scour test kits

  • Worm egg counts done at the practice

  • Drive-through back yard at the practice – easy access for farm vehicles/trailers for examination of calves, sheep, goats.

  • Walk-in kennels large enough for sheep, goats, calves etc

  • Facilities & equipment to perform general anaesthesia & surgery on young & low bodyweight farm animals inside the practice eg. umbilical hernia repair, goat kid disbudding, ewe caesarians.