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Do You Want to Avoid TB testing Every 6 Months?

There is now another powerful reason to start measuring and managing infectious disease in your herd using a Cattle Health Certification Standards (CHeCS) health plan (e.g. the Premium Cattle Health Scheme, PCHS, run by the Scottish Agricultural College).  From January 2019 herds in the High Risk Area, (which includes Dorset), which have had a reactor in the last 5 years, will have to TB test EVERY SIX MONTHS.  However, some exceptions will be made for lower risk herds, which will remain on annual testing. ‘Lower risk herds’ includes those engaging in a CHeCS TB herd accreditation scheme with at least a year of clear tests since their last breakdown (scoring Level 1), with Defra stating that such keepers ‘should be rewarded for their explicit commitment to managing their TB risks’. Bredy Vets use the Scottish Agricultural College’s Premium Cattle Health Scheme to guide disease management and reduction, which can include TB management.  The PCHS is CHeCS accredited.

More information on TB control and CHeCs is here.  Please contact us if you would like to use the PCHS to reduce both your disease and halve your TB testing.

You can read the Governments “Bovine TB: Proposals to simplify surveillance testing in the High Risk Area of England and other disease control measures” published December 2017 here