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Thermal Imaging – which calves have pneumonia?

Jon has been interested in using a thermal imaging camera to help find feverish individuals in a group for some years.  I first made enquiries in 2007 but the price of the kit then was prohibitive.   However, the prices have dropped and I’ve bought one.  I’m hoping to identify calves with a temperature without having the stress and hassle of catching all the animals and taking the rectal temperature of each one.  BBC’s Countryfile TV program showed a story about thermal imaging on December 7th 2014.  The device can measure the surface temperature of the skin of the animal from a distance.  It’s important to realise that the skin temperature is determined by body heat AND other factors such as sunshine, variations in skin colour, cooling breezes etc.  So it’s best to scan the animals when they are all quiet, on still mornings before the sun has heated parts of the environment up.

IMG_0497 IMG_0499