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Dog Poisoned by Kexxtone Boluses for Cows November 2017

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In November 2017 a client’s dog sadly died after chewing an old weathered cattle bolus, one of a number found on the hill south of Walditch.  These ruminal devices are used in some cattle to control metabolic disease.  They contain a drug called monensin which is extremely toxic, if eaten, to dogs and horses.  The plastic casing is very tough, even after prolonged weathering, so the boluses are toxic only if they are chewed; conversely the contents are likely to remain potentially lethal for years.  Once the toxin is absorbed, treatment for monensin poisoning is unlikely to be successful.  The police are investigating the fatal case of November last year.  If you find any similar devices whilst walking please hand them into the local police and give them the accurate location.  They are orange when new but fade to off-white after weathering.  If your dog does chew such a device, please contact the surgery immediately so that we can induce vomiting before the drug is absorbed.

Vet Andy is leaving

Sadly, vet Andy will be leaving the practice in December 2016, to go off travelling in New Zealand. He will be sorely missed by all, but we wish him well with his travels.

Alabama Rot

Alabama rot in dogs.

There has been recent worry concerning this rare disease with an unknown cause. Please see latest information here Alabama Rot updates. There are up to date leaflets for you to read on this site. We also have posted information on our facebook page.

Katherine Rabbetts leaving

We are sad that Katherine will not be returning to Bredy Vets after her maternity leave in 2016 -she is very busy with her twins at home! She was a great Vet Nurse & worked at Bredy Vets for 9 years. We wish her all the best for the future.

Christmas toxins

Please be careful to keep the following toxic items, foods, chemicals & plants  away from your pets this Christmas:-

Items: silica gel, Christmas decorations, candles. These are low toxicity but can cause mild gastrointestinal upsets.

Foods: chocolate (especially dark/plain chocolate), grapes & dried fruit (currants, sultanas & raisins), onions, alcohol & macadamia nuts.

Chemicals: Antifreeze is highly toxic. Please ensure you clean up any spillages.

Plants: Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima), Holly (Ilex species), Mistletoe (Viscum album), Christmas trees, Ivy (Hedera species) will all cause mild gastrointestinal upsets. Lillies are highly toxic to cats.

Please contact us on 01308 456771 if you have any concerns.


Emily Archibald passes Vet Nursing Exams

Congratulations to Emily Archibald, who after 2 years of training, has passed her final vet nursing exams this month.

Welcome new vet Andrew

We’d like to welcome Andrew Eve, our new full time vet, who joins us on 21st July 2014.

George is leaving

It is vet George’s last day working with us today, 13th June 2014. He is going to the Royal Veterinary College in London to begin a year’s internship in Small Animal Medicine & Surgery. We wish him the best of luck.

To take over from George, we will be welcoming Andrew, our new vet, who joins us in July.

Mimi got married

Congratulations to Mimi who married Luke Machin in May 2014. We all wish them a happy future together.

Katherine gets married

Congratulations to Vet Nurse Katherine Ayres who married Ed Rabbetts on 31st May 2014. We wish them lots of happiness.