Bredy Veterinary Centre Ltd

Pet Health Plans

Save money and pay monthly by direct debit for your pet’s preventive care with our Pet Health Plans.

These are available for dogs (from £12.50 per month), cats (£12 per month) & rabbits (£6 per month) – note, these are the new prices from May 2018.

The plan includes

*annual vaccination boosters (including kennel cough vaccination)

*year-round flea, tick & worm treatments,

*weight checks,

*nail clipping,

*10% off primary puppy/kitten vaccination course,

*10% off spay/castration price, 20% off microchipping,

*nurse consultation 6 months after a booster vaccination has been given,

*10% off rabies vaccination,

*annual urine analysis (7 years and older),

*annual blood pressure check (7 years and older),

*10% off dental procedures,

*10% off blood testing,

*10% off all food & accessories bought from the practice.


For rabbits, it also includes a fly strike prevention treatment at the beginning of Summer.

There is no longer a client or pet joining fee, as of December 2014.