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Christmas Hazards and Advice

Christmas Hazards and Advice!

1. Poisonous foods – chocolate (especially dark chocolate), nuts, grapes, sultanas, mince pies, Christmas cake & Christmas pudding are all toxic to dogs and cats. Please keep all edible treats well away from & out of reach of pets. Should your dog ingest any of the above, please ring us as soon as possible & within 4 hours, as we are able to safely make your dog sick & therefore get rid of the toxin.

2. Poisonous Seasonal Plants. Poinsettia, holly, mistletoe & cyclamen are all toxic to dogs & cats. Keep any floral decorations out of reach of pets. As above, we are able to make dogs sick to eliminate the toxin.

2. Keep decorations out of reach – baubles, tinsel, lamellae & tree lights can all prove irresistible to cats and dogs but can be dangerous if they are chewed, broken or swallowed. Batteries in Christmas gifts can cause chemical burns internally if they are eaten – please keep them away from pets.

3. Keep your human food away from pets – our food can trigger sickness and diarrhoea, as well as pancreatitis – please give your pet their usual food. Don’t offer turkey & poultry bones as they can splinter or puncture the digestive tract.