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Fireworks advice


We recommend Zylkene capsules, which are available over the counter from the practice. These capsules are based on a milk protein which calms the pet. They are mixed with food and therefore easy to give. They should be given 2-3 days before fireworks start & continued for as long as fireworks celebrations continue. Find out more about Zylkene by picking up a leaflet from the practice or going to

We also recommend Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP), now called Adaptil, a plug-in product which aims to calm pets and is available from the surgery. This should be plugged in at least 2 weeks before fireworks are due to start. See

The feline version of Adaptil is feliway – also a plug-in product or spray. See

‘Sounds Scary’ & ‘Zylkene Sound Desensitisation Programme’ CDs are available at the surgery for a sound desensitisation programme so that in time, dogs become less scared of noises that initially frighten them. This process usually takes several months to work. They are not recommended whilst fireworks season is under way. We have these in stock at the surgery.

Sedatives are generally contra-indicated and can make sound phobias in dogs worse.

General advice includes:-

  • providing a hiding place or den
  • muffle the sound of fireworks by closing curtains, shutting doors/windows, putting on the TV or radio
  • keep pets indoors
  • keep calm yourself

For further fireworks advice for pets, go to