Bredy Veterinary Centre Ltd

Puppy Parties

We run a series of puppy parties for puppies that have been fully vaccinated (have had their 1st and 2nd injections). The main purpose of these puppy parties is to socialise your puppy with other puppies of a similar age. They run mid-morning on a weekday & last for about an hour.

All aspects of owning a puppy are discussed & the puppies are allowed to play together, in a relaxed environment. There are 3 parties in total:-

Week 1: Socialisation, habituation, microchips
Week 2: Worms, fleas, ticks & vaccinations
Week 3: Neutering, insurance & teeth care


We encourage small class members with a maximum of 4 pups per class to enable positive socialisation without the class becoming too excitable.

We also occasionally invite a guest speaker to give an evening presentation on specific topics to puppy owners.
Please express your interest by asking a receptionist to add your name to the list & a Vet Nurse will be in touch with you.

There is a small charge -please contact reception for details.